Mana & Card Icons


Complete set of Magic mana and card symbol font icons

View the full list of mana symbols and other Magic card symboles. To see all the different variations and casting cost styles, check out the Attributes page. To use the symbols on your desktop or just get the vectors, check out the Cheatsheet.

Mana & Resource Symbols

White (w)
Blue (u)
Black (b)
Red (r)
Green (g)
Colorless Mana (c)
Phyrexian Mana (p)
Snow Mana (s)
X (x)
Y (y)
Z (z)
0 (0)
1 (1)
2 (2)
3 (3)
4 (4)
5 (5)
6 (6)
7 (7)
8 (8)
9 (9)
10 (10)
11 (11)
12 (12)
13 (13)
14 (14)
15 (15)
16 (16)
17 (17)
18 (18)
19 (19)
20 (20)
1/2 (1-2)
Infinity (infinity)
100 (100)
    1,000,000 (1000000)
Energy (e)

Card Symbols

Tap (tap)
Untap (untap)
Tap (tap-alt)
Chaos (chaos)
Artifact (artifact)
Creature (creature)
Enchantment (enchantment)
Instant (instant)
Land (land)
Planeswalker (planeswalker)
Sorcery (sorcery)
Multiple (multiple)
Flashback (flashback)
Loyalty Up (loyalty-up)
Loyalty Down (loyalty-down)
Loyalty Zero (loyalty-zero)
Loyalty Start (loyalty-start)
DFC Day (dfc-day)
DFC Night (dfc-night)
DFC Spark (dfc-spark)
DFC Ignite (dfc-ignite)
DFC Moon (dfc-moon)
DFC Emrakul (dfc-emrakul)
DFC Enchantment (dfc-enchantment)
Power (power)
Toughness (toughness)
Artist (Brush) (artist-brush)
Artist (Nib) (artist-nib)

Guild and Clan Watermarks

Azorius (guild-azorius)
Boros (guild-boros)
Dimir (guild-dimir)
Golgari (guild-golgari)
Gruul (guild-gruul)
Izzet (guild-izzet)
Orzhov (guild-orzhov)
Rakdos (guild-rakdos)
Selesnya (guild-selesnya)
Simic (guild-simic)
Abzan (clan-abzan)
Jeskai (clan-jeskai)
Mardu (clan-mardu)
Sultai (clan-sultai)
Temur (clan-temur)
Atarka (clan-atarka)
Dromoka (clan-dromoka)
Kolaghan (clan-kolaghan)
Ojutai (clan-ojutai)
Silumgar (clan-silumgar)

Poleis Symbols

Setessa (polis-setessa)
Akros (polis-akros)
Meletis (polis-meletis)